Why it’s so hard to make money in the make money online niche [and what to do about it]

Despite what newbies think – seeing that 85% of new bloggers start in the blogging / online niche – it’s really, really hard and in some cases even impossible.

Ok, now the good news: making money or not is up to you – ok, luck too – and especially you.

In this article, we will see why it is so difficult to make money in this niche and what to do, if there is anything, about it.

Why is it so hard to make money blogging / online?

If you are a beginner or are planning to start a blog, this article will help you a lot, as it will make you think twice before choosing the topic for your blog – which is the most important step because it is is the factor that will determine whether you will succeed or fail.

 Think making money online is like finding a job these days… Job seekers are younger and better prepared than they used to be, which is why – economics aside – the vast majority of the population – in the majority of countries – find it difficult to get a job.

The same can be applied on blogging. Everyday bloggers are younger and already have great role models (like Darren Rowse or Brian Clarck) for doing the right thing. But let’s go further on this.


Reason number one – Saturation:

This one is the most obvious, isn’t it? At the moment, I am making two Google queries.

– Making money online gives me around 462 million results

– Making money blogging gives me around 9,630,000 results

Obviously, you’ll want to make money blogging, but this niche is oversaturated nonetheless.


To be successful online, you need traffic – what a secret! – and the more saturated a niche is, the harder it is to get traffic, as readers have millions of other sources, leaving you with a blog and over 400 million potential “enemies” (although , if you play correctly, these enemies can turn into friends)

As you can see, this is the first problem we face. Don’t worry, it has a solution – it may seem like really hard or even impossible to achieve or not a solution at all – but it works.


Reason number two – People’s mistrust:

Let’s face it, we’ve always been skeptical about doing business online just because we can’t physically see the guy / girl trying to teach us something and most importantly trying to sell us something.


This is why it is difficult for newbies and ordinary people who are not used to believe that you can actually make a living off blogging and the internet to trust bloggers talking about how to earn money. money online or buy a product. They just don’t believe it and think it’s a waste of time.

It’s human nature and you can hardly change that. People just don’t believe… unless they see the evidence.

Reason number three – Human selfishness:

I really hate this one. The world would be a better place if humans were less selfish / self-centered. When it comes to online business, this is evident.

 I’ll explain this point with two simple examples:

 1) Suppose you post a link with a referral extension on it… say buythis.com/?r=sam

Obviously people realize that if they buy this item by following this link, I will directly get a commission on this sale, so what do people do? Easy: they just remove the referral extension and buy it directly from the site.

Sad but true.

2) This one is also sad and simpler than point one. Suppose you have Google Adsense ads (like me) displayed. A visitor comes to your site and sees an ad that they find genuinely interesting … well, you better pray and hope that the visitor doesn’t see the “Ads by Google” signature on the ad, otherwise the ad won’t see it being clicked at all.

The reason is simple again, and it is because he / she knows that by clicking on this ad you will receive pennies. Don’t ask me too much, but a lot of people don’t like the feeling of “giving money”.

Again, you can perform your actions in order to get better results.

Reason number four – Lack of knowledge / passion / imagination:

Let’s go in order:

1) Lack of Knowledge: If you have a blog, I mean not personal, chances are you are going to be teaching people what you do or what you have knowledge about. If you have no experience making money online, how can you?

u can you teach someone how to make money blogging / online or whatever?


You will simply fail.

2) Lack of Passion: Yes, you can make money blogging. Better yet, you can make a living from a blog. While this all sounds great, the blogging journey begins with tons of effort with no money – receiving at all.

 For the first few months, if not the year, you won’t earn a dime, but you will have to keep blogging and keep working on your blog in order to reach your goals a day sooner.

If you blog about something that doesn’t interest you, you will fail.

Always remember this: Your blog, before being your source of income, must be your hobby. And it is impossible for you to have as a hobby an activity that you do not like to spend time and work on.

3) Lack of imagination: As I said a little above these paragraphs, this niche is way too saturated. To stand out from the crowd and get noticed, you need imagination… Tons.

Not only for the writing, but also for your design, the means to publish, the means to structure your site and to outline your marketing plan …

We all have our imaginations – a little more, others less – but we all have it. It is up to you to take advantage of it or not.

Reason number five – “Adsensemaniac”:

This syndrome cannot be a hindrance to making money blogging, even for those who get huge traffic.

While receiving a decent amount of traffic will eventually make you money using Adsense – I know a woman who earns $ 6,000 a month just with organic traffic and Adsense – you can really increase your income using internet marketing. , more specifically combined affiliate marketing. with email marketing.

Those who only use Google Adsense are missing out on the massive cash that can be earned online, although this is a great supplement to increase your income.

Ups, I wanted to write the solutions on the same article as well, but it’s been too long a time and I don’t want you to read a mini ebook here.

Well, see what to do about all that negative stuff and put a solution to it on the next post, which will be more interesting.


Thanks everyone for reading

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