why were reserved constituencies devised for the weaker sections by the makers of the Indian Constitution

Q- Why were ‘reserved constituencies’ desired for the weaker sections by the matters of the Indian Constitution?

Answer- In India there are several reserved constituencies for some weaker section of society. These reserved constituencies were introduced by the Indian constitution makers. The main aim behind introducing reserved constituencies for weaker section of society is to make them strong, let them engage the political body and make them aware about everything. These reserved constituencies were made for these three weaker sections of India society:

1. SCs and STs:

SCs and STs or dalits are one of the weaker section of Indian society. There are about 71 seats reserved for SCs and 41 seats reserved for STs in Lok Sabha.


Women are also enough weak part of Indian society. There are about one0thirs seats reserved for women in rural and urban areas.

OBCs (Other Backward Classes):

OBCs (Other Backward Classes) are a weak class of India society. These people as got reserved constituencies in political bodies to increase their engagement in political field.

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