write a brief note on slavery in france

 Q- Write a brief note on slavery in France?

Answer- Slave trade in france is also called triangular slave trade. Triangular slave trade is a trade of slave where three country including france did trade of slaves. This trade is called triangular slave trade because these three countries trade or export slaves in ships from one country to other among them in a triangular route.

After the National Assembly formed the slave trade was abolished and several reforms were made. 

There are several legislative measures taken to end slave trade in frence colonies. Some of them were as follows:

1. At the beginning the National Assembly passed a law and took all powers from king and passed a law to abolish slave trade. 

After this Napoleon came into power in 1804 and he reintroduced slave trade in france but after he was defeated in battle of waterloo. In 1848 the slave trade is finally abolished in france.

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