Write a personal manifesto in the form of a blog post

Write a personal manifesto in the form of a blog post:

Do you have something extraordinary or interesting to say? Are you looking for a way to make your voice heard to anyone who will listen? Create a manifesto and post it on your blog. You can even take it a step further and send it to everyone on your opt-in email lists.

A manifesto is a way for people to publicly declare their intentions and principles.


Before writing your manifesto, think about what is important to you and the principles that guide you in life. Maybe he’s a voice for the people, a culture buff or a great member of the family.


Answer the following questions: What values ​​do you have? Which values ​​are important to you? What values ​​do you look for in a companion, friend or other people in general? Values ​​can range from honesty, integrity, personal responsibility, empathy, etc.

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It might sound strange to some people, but what would you like people to say at your funeral? What lasting impression do you hope to leave on someone? Think about your goals and the contributions you would like to make to society and the world.

The brainstorming session focuses on you and your values. Grab pen and paper or use your Blackberry to make a list of adjectives that describe you. Set a limit, 10 to 15 adjectives, that’s great and above all, be honest.

Once your list is complete, read it several times. What do the adjectives you listed really say about you and what do you find important in life? Pick three and pretend they were used to describe someone you’ve never met. What would you think of this person based solely on these three adjectives?


Use everything you have written; values, adjectives, etc. and turn them into content. Make sure to use I in your content to personalize your manifesto.

Save a copy of your personal manifesto and review it annually. As you change and grow as a person, change or update your manifesto. Make it an annual tradition to post it on your blog so everyone can see how you’ve changed in a year.

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