Write a note on Fair price shops

Q- Write a note on Fair price shops.

Answer: Fair price shops are also known as ration shops which are issued by the government and sell food grain, sugar, and kerosene at an issued price to the selected poor people of the society. People have to verify themselves to get ration cards which are issued by the government and with help of ration cards poor people can buy these things at low prices.

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Fair price shops

There are different Fair price shops in different states of India all of them are run by a government authority called NFSA which stands for National Food Security Association.

This system is called a Public distribution system in it some small shops are opened for poor people. In these shops, food items and some other important daily useful items are sold to poor people at an issued price. This price is issued by the government of the country and this price is very low.

When we compared the price of the food items in fair-price shops with the market price so there’s a huge difference between these prices.

All this is done to prevent starvation and make food items affordable for each and every person in the country.

This public distribution system was started in the year 1945 and is still running today this program helped in lot to decrease starvation and make food accessible to PBL people. The Central government as well as the state government is responsible for the well working of this program.

In different states of Indian different shops are registered for this and every month a new stock has been sent to these shops so that the shop holders can provide these food items to poor people in a cheap price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Write a short note of fair price shop

Fair price shops are some shops that are run by government authorities to provide food and some important things to poor people at an affordable price. This price of goods is very low compared to the market price.

Write note on fair price shop

Fair price shops are some shops that were opened under a government program to provide food and some crucial things of daily livelihood to the people who are below the poverty line. This program was launched by the government to help BPL people.

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