10 Tips for getting lucky in business and in life

10 tips for getting lucky in business and in life:

Luck is not something you were born with. Here’s how to change your MINDSET and change your LUCK!

1) Lucky people show up. Great things don’t usually happen when you’re sitting on your big FAT *** (Sofa LOL)


2) Lucky people are open to trying NEW things and new ways of doing things. Trying new things exposes you to new learning opportunities.

This knowledge can be applied to what you do in life and in business. And these new techniques – will often make you more SUCCESS and when you are more successful – you look LUCKIER.

3) Lucky people spend the absolute MINIMUM time thinking about themselves. Instead, they focus on the people around them, their current projects or NEW OPPORTUNITIES … because of this AWARENESS – they often do better than they otherwise would have been and they seem VERY LUCKY .

In contrast, SELF Obsessed are often tied to their own issues and challenges to notice the great opportunities and exciting things that are happening around them, and as a result, they seem very unlucky because they never really gave it to them. a chance.

Become lucky in business
Become lucky in business

4) Lucky people usually don’t worry or worry about the outcome or the CONSEQUENCES. Instead, they focus on any project or process they are involved in. When we worry too much about the “WHAT’s”, we often tell ourselves not to try new ideas or seek new perspectives. Let’s face it – you can find a reason for not doing anything.

5) People who seem lucky know how to turn problematic situations into OPPORTUNITIES. To do this, you cannot be concerned about the personal consequences Of course those consequences matter, but if you can put those feelings aside – you will be able to see the problem as it really is and, in the process, transform a many of these issues in JACKPOT Opportunities.

6) LUCKY people are able to overcome criticism. It’s hard not to take the reviews personally. Believe me, I am criticized a lot. The trick here is to DON’T let criticism freeze you over and keep yourself in shape by following your plan, or trying new things. Instead, use criticism as fuel to do BIGGER AND BETTER things.

7) Lucky people make it their business to do good through others. When you listen and help others, they make it a point to reciprocate and take care of you too. And the point is, none of us – nor any of us achieve SUCCESS on our own.

8) Lucky people make a point of having a positive attitude. When you ATTACK life with an UPBEAT – POSITIVE attitude, you are STRONGER and more willing to tackle whatever issues come your way.

9) Lucky people expect to do well. You must BELIEVE in yourself and know that you are a WINNER! And if someone tries to tell you differently, you should be quick to tell them to %%%% OFF!

10) Find BALANCE. Lucky people are KIND, first and foremost to themselves. They take time for themselves and their families, and they always take the time to have fun.

Hope you enjoyed these 10 tips for getting “lucky”

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