Getting started is the key to your new life – Don’t be awesome

Getting started is the key to your new life – don’t be awesome

Here’s my take on why some people might not get the recognition they deserve and why other people with overly bloated EGOs and their heads stuck in particular places seem to glow and dominate.

In short, it had been six days since I had personally written anything for Keith’s Money Making Tips, and I felt it was time to express my take on my readers who suffer for a long time. again!. MDR! ..

Here are some observations I have noted about successful and unsuccessful people:

1) Successful people aren’t necessarily the best at what they do, they just have the weird “talent” of convincing people that they are.

2) Unsuccessful people might be the best at what they do, but they have the weird ‘talent’ of not marketing their talent – so no one can ever see how great they could have been. .

3) Successful people tend to be “motivated”. They focus on the “end” result and are not swayed by the temptation to take too many different paths.

4) People who fail tend to be “all at sea” most of the time, they lack focus – and although they can be as successful as anyone else, they refuse to change their minds. state of mind and blaming “other things” or other “people” for their problems. Even if the problems are of their own in the first place.


5) Successful people always tend to look at “positive” angles, even when their own life is currently not so good.

6) People who fail tend to focus on negative things even when things seek them out – they seem doomed to self-sabotage and attract more negativity into their lives by focusing on the issues rather than the issues. solutions. They tend to “hang” with other like-minded “merchants of misfortune”

7) Successful people realize it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and success takes time

8) Unsuccessful people tend to adhere to the “business opportunity syndrome” and seek instant gratification as found in the infamous “business in a box” strategies and CLAPTRAP instant wealth.

9) Successful businesses have strong legs, they are sustainable, plan for future growth, and are built with the end in mind


10) Failed businesses refuse to embrace new changes, new technologies and once the business has been ‘launched’ it is left to fend for itself with the owner (s) spending as much of the profit (if any ) as possible.


In short, you don’t have to be the BEST to be BIG, what you need to do in my opinion is be EVERYWHERE !. If no one knows about you, they won’t know what you are doing, they won’t be able to like you, if they can’t like you – they won’t trust you and won’t buy from you.


Getting Started seems to be the first online stepping stone. Many people expect to create the perfect video, the perfect eBook, the perfect website, and the perfect sales page. Essentially, most products are far from perfect, but they do sell.


Do you know why?


Because someone, somewhere, got off their A ** and made it happen … and didn’t wait to be BIG!

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