1000 Words Essay on computer

Essay on computer:-

Now a days there are many things which are done by or operated by computer you can also see computer in many places like you can see then in schools, offices, banks, hospitals and most of the houses because computer is the first step in the world of technology, computer not only make human life easy but also fast we can do everything with the help of computer as most of the work are done online we can chat online also we can talk to anyone from anywhere face to face with the help of internet as you know computer is just nothing without internet but it is not wrong to say that internet is also operated by computers so the invention of computer is the main and major invention in the development of technology.


1000 words essay on computer
1000 words essay on computer

Components of computer:

Computer is consist of mainly four hardware which are monitor, keyboard, mouse and C.P.U the full form of C.P.U id Central Processing Unit which is the main component of computer you can also say it is brain of the computer because every process done on computer is managed by C.P.U.

If you are doing anything in your computer like you are playing games so that you are controlling it from your keyboard and mouse and you can see it from your monitor but all the games is controlled by C.P.U.

There are many works which are done online with the help of computer like you can transfer money with the help of computer online you can also order products and also get some services online with the help of computer.

Due to covid 19 pandemic most of the people do their work from home with the help of computer and also many children are earning money online with the help of computer as you know we can open online store and sell products and services online through computer with the help of websites in the internet if you want to make your own website then visit to our this post in which I have tell you about how to make your own website and how to earn money through it. Some peoples have setup their carrier of doing work from home and earning money online because in future most of the work can be done from computer even we can study online from computer and also earn money with the help of computer.

1000 words essay on computer
1000 words essay on computer

Computer have change human life as we can do calculations in computer we can also use computer for our entertainment and also many other purposes like to operate big machines of factories and also in many medical processes computer is taken in work.

As you know everything have both sides advantages and disadvantages it also same goes to computer you can use computer for good purposes like for expanding your knowledge with the help of internet or you can also use computer for bad purposes like wasting your time by playing games I am not saying that playing games is only a wastage of time through this article but you have to play games as you can relax your mind because due to long time playing it also affects on your vision power so you have to be careful use computer as much as needed but don’t use it for more time like playing games or watching funny videos.

Computer become awesome with the help of internet because with te help of internet you can search many thing which you want and read about them to expand your knowledge and also reading articles and blogs not only expand your knowledge but also keep your mind calm.

Due to increase in technology most of the works are done online so that there is use of computer in many fields so that it becomes very important to us to learn how to use internet or how to use computer to make them beneficial for us.

Computer doesn’t understand our language there is a dedicated language of computer n which computer use to understand what you are saying or giving command to it these languages are known as computer languages there are many types of computer languages like python, JAVA, C, C++ and many other more languages are available these are languages are use to make games, programs, website and many other things like apps which you can see in your mobiles and computer these all are made up of coding if you don’t know about coding or computer languages and want to learn the then click on it to read out that post.

1000 words essay on computer
1000 words essay on computer

I think now you get that hoe computer make our life easy and fast and how computers are useful to us you also learn that in which place did the computers use and to use computer for our benefits.

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