What are India’s unique locational features

Q- what are India’s unique locational features?

Answer- India is a vast country with several unique locational features. Some of the unique locational features of India are as follows, you can learn any 5 or 6 features from them:

1. India lies in the Indian Ocean that made a largest coastline in this ocean. Indians who live in coastal areas earn their livelihood through fishing in the Ocean.

2. The climate of India is different and better from rest of the Asia.

3. India occupies is the South peninsular plateau of largest continent Asia.

4. India has three different ranges of Himalayas in its northern most region.These ranges of Himalayas restricts the cold wind from blowing over Indian. Hence, it helps in moderating climate in India.

5. The Tropic of Cancer almost divides India into two equal parts. On the other hand the southern part of India lies in the tropical zone.

6. India completely lies in the northern part of Equator. In this way India lies in Northern Hemisphere.

7. India is situated in the eastern region of Prime Meridian. It does not lies only in the Eastern hemisphere instead of it also has central position of it.

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