4 simple tips for writing high impact blog posts

4 simple tips for writing high impact blog posts:

Socialization is the nature of the blog. A blog is a place for sharing experiences and knowledge. Sometimes we like to write like we’re giving lectures, but it’s too boring. Am I right? I think most of us don’t like reading blog posts that look like a lecture. I know you might have come across many blog posts that are so boring, yes I have come across some blog posts that look like lectures and boring. I don’t like it either. A blog post that talks, shares, conveys values, and some emotion in a blog post will be a more preferable blog post for everyone to read.

In this article, I am going to share with you 4 tips that I use or tried to use in my blog for writing high impact blog posts. (Why are good blog posts so important for blogging?) Hope you don’t mind this and hope it gives you some ideas for writing a better blog.

Talk about blogging, DO NOT Blog conference

In a blog post, what I usually do is talk or discuss rather than lecture. This is what I learn from other top bloggers. They write blog posts like they’re talking to you. And it’s the best blog post with the biggest impact on readers. Do you speak with your readers?

Provide value in blog posts

Ok, now you know that talking to your readers is important but talking without good content value is going to make your blog worse. When we blog, our blog serves as a place for readers to look for information. So the information is the real value for the readers. Just make sure that you are providing blog posts with great value. Tips to keep in mind when blogging: Readers always come to your blog for SOLUTIONS. So write blog posts that can help your readers solve their problems. It will be of great value to your readers.

Readers are not robots, add emotions in blog posts

Sometimes reading blog posts is so boring. Try to add personal opinions, feelings for a method, personal experience, etc. Are you tired and boring with this post? Hope you have a good time reading this. 🙂

List style blog

Another important tip for writing a good blog is to write your blog posts in list style. What is the list style blog?

List Style Blogs

List style blogs are by far the most effective blog post format for bloggers. List style blogging means composing your blog posts in list or bullet format.

List style blogs are neat and clean. The best thing I love most about list style blogging is that list style blogging makes the highlights of your blog posts more appealing to your blog readers. You can read on all the top blogs, they use list style blogs; some start their blog posts with a big picture, some start with their profile, and most write a short summary of their blog posts and list 10 posts on the main page.

Have you noticed that some blogs look like magazines? This is also considered a list style blog. Look at the image above, this is one of the examples of blogs using the magazine style.

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