5 Best Alternative of Google AdSense

5 Best Alternative of Google AdSense

Having trouble getting approved for Google AdSense? Google AdSense endorsement has become one of the many bloggers banned from AdSense!

Well today is your lucky day I have found a great Google AdSense alternative which is very easy to get a new account approved, so easy you will probably have your account up and running in 10 minutes and earn money online with your blog and content.

What’s the best Google AdSense alternative that I hear you say? Infolinks is the best AdSense alternative I have found.

How my search for an alternative to Google AdSense came about

When my account became unusable and I lost the income I had accumulated on my account, I had no other option but to look for another way to monetize my website. I was with AdSense for many years without any issues until I decided to move to another country.

AdSense customer service told me to close my account and then open a new account, which I did, I had no idea my new account would not be approved.

So my search for a new AdSense alternative began.


What is Infolinks?

Infolinks offers In-Text Ads, basically they analyze the content of your blog or website and place ads on certain keywords.


It really is as easy as 1,2,3

Infolinks pays for one of those biggest revenue shares in the in-text ad market and at the time of writing you can earn a whopping 70% share. They also pay you easily through PayPal, wire transfer, ACH and whatever works for you, they couldn’t be more flexible.


So how does Infolinks work?

Infolinks actually offers plenty of ways to monetize your website with easy to set up money making tools.


In-Text Ads:

As the title suggests, these are advertisements that appear in the text of your blog content. Every time someone clicks on one of the ads, you earn money, that’s easy right?

When they click on the ad, you earn money. It really is that simple and the great thing is that the ads are “hidden” in your text, they don’t take up any space on your site or blog. Not only that, but it gives you more room to implement other forms of advertising, like banner ads or affiliate ads.


You can define the color of the In-Text ad links and the number you want to appear on your site, from the dashboard of your Infolinks account.


Infolinks tag cloud:

What is the Infolinks tag cloud?


Infolinks Tag Cloud works the same as In-Text ads, the only difference is that the Tag Cloud is a standalone widget rather than being hidden in your text.

When you hover your mouse cursor over one of the cloud keywords, an ad bubble with ads relevant to your cloud keywords appears.

By implementing Tag Cloud, you can increase your site’s revenue by an additional 20% to 40%.

Infolinks search widget:


Infolinks Search Widget is another monetizing website add-on, and is a relatively new money-making widget in their toolkit.

It uses the same Infolinks algorithm to create a search-based banner ad at the bottom of your website page that is only activated when a visitor has arrived to your site from a search engine (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.) Little tip, this widget is activated by default so if you don’t want it you must deactivate it in your Infolinks dashboard.


Related InfoLink tags:

Infolinks Related Tags is the latest of the tools in the Infolinks Toolkit. It basically allows you to make more money online with your blog by adding a cloud of contextual tags in your blog content.

Infolinks will analyze the text of any page and choose the highest paying keywords to place in the associated tag cloud. When one of your blog visitors hovers over one of the tags, an advertisement will appear, when they click on you win!

I’m sure you will agree that there are some great tools above to monetize your website or blog and start making big bucks online.


I use Infolinks on some of my other blogs and with great results. So if you are looking for a Google AdSense alternative then stop looking, because Infolinks really gives AdSense a boost.

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