Which is Best WordPress or Blogger- Blogger VS WordPress

Which is Best WordPress or Blogger- WordPress and Blogger comparison:

Choosing the right blogging platform to start your blog can be a daunting prospect, especially with all of the abundant blogging platforms at your disposal nowadays.

Many blogging platforms are constantly battling to become the best free blog and so are constantly improving their services and features hoping to tempt more bloggers into choosing their platform.

There are many points to take onto consideration when you start out into the blogging world.

Try to think ahead and visualize where you would like your blog to go – is it just for fun or a hobby? Are you looking to make some sort of regular income online from your blog?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself and the answers to those questions will help you to decide the right blogging platform to use.

Two of the most popular blogging platforms that stand-out in the “battle of the blogs” are Google’s Blogger and Automattic’s WordPress. They are both top blogging platforms and excellent places to blog and both offer different blogging pros and cons.

So.. Which is the best WordPress or Blogger?


WordPress seems to be the number one choice for many bloggers, they have two options. The paid option (wordpress.org) and a free option (WordPress.com).

The free option is ideal for bloggers just starting out into the world of blogging provided they’re willing to invest a little time upfront to learn the ins and outs of the WordPress.com platform.

WordPress.org requires a lot of up-front time and a little financial investment, and could be a bit tricky to get the hang of if you are new to blogging as it involves template tweaking, basic HTML knowledge, and a little hosting knowledge.


Blogger is very easy to use and has some of the best design-customization tools of any free blogging platform. At the time of writing you can purchase a custom domain from directly inside the blogger dashboard at a killer price of $10 per year.

Also another great point to mention is that you can access Google analytics statistics directly in user dashboard. Blogger comes with a rich text editor and mobile-optimized versions are also included.

Blogger has come along way in the past 2 years and with the ease of use and new features Blogger provides “straight out of the box” makes it a sure bet for many new bloggers.

Both WordPress.com and Blogger.com are free to use if you’re OK using a domain name that ends with the site’s brand (.wordpress.com and .blogspot.com). 

I have used both blogging platforms but I still find myself coming back to Blogger, in fact this blog is hosted on Blogger. (could you tell?)

Similarities between Blogger and WordPress:

There are many similarities between the two post creation pages, as you can see below. They both have very similar options for formatting, Blogger has a slight advantage here as Blogger has built-in fonts and other formatting options whereas over at WordPress you will need to know a bit of basic HTML.

Both platforms offer great detailed analytics, WordPress is sightly better here as they offer many alternative plug-ins to track your website’s visitors, But Blogger’s stats are more than sufficient for most blogger’s.

Both blogging platforms offer a selection of free themes and templates, I think Blogger out-performs and shines here.

Blogger offers many free themes and templates and even gives you the option to easily modify the template with no HTML knowledge needed what so ever by using their built-in template editor. You can adjust almost anything you want on your blog from: font, text size, column width, text colour, blog background, and much much more! It really is extremely user friendly.

On the downside with Blogger you have less control, by this I mean that ultimately you are using a blogging platform hosted and provided by Google, they can pull the plug on your blogging dreams if they feel you have violated any of their terms and conditions.

This can also happen over at WordPress.com but if you use their self host option WordPress.org you can host your blog wherever you like. It would be very difficult to have your blog taken down unless you are blatantly posting copyright material for example, then you might get a knock at the cyber door from the guys at the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and you could run the risk of the plug being pulled on your blogging dreams.


So don’t think you are totally invincible ..

I have used WordPress.org before on one of my other websites and for some reason I was struck with many problems and issues. The main problem I seemed to come across (almost daily) was my website going down and offline due to problems. This wasn’t anything to do with WordPress I may add, but more of an issue with the host I had chosen. I had to constantly check to see if my blog was up and running.

Not being very “techy” myself this started to become a constant problem for me which meant I had to get my “hands dirty” with coding and other issues normally only dealt with and tackled by coding Guru’s and their mentors.


Just starting out in the blogging world? pick up one of the below great guides to get your blog up and running in no time, they really are “no nonsense go to guides” that will answer all of your basic questions.

At the beginning of this article I asked you –

“Is it just for fun or a hobby? or are you looking to make some sort of regular income online with your blog?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself and the answers those questions will help you to decide the right blogging platform to use.” 

My 2 cents: If you are looking to use your blog as your only means of financial support and you are going to use it to make money online and you want to be a professional blogger then I would recommend using WordPress.org’s blogging package.

This is the paid option where you will have to find a hosting provider to host your blog, prices cost anywhere from $2 to $5 per month to host your blog at your chosen provider.

The plus side is you will have the safe knowledge that you are fully in control of your blog and it will be up and running come rain or shine.

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