Are the following statements in keeping the democracy as a value why

Q- Are the following statements in keeping with democracy as a value? Why?

(a) Father to daughter: I don’t want to hear your opinion about your marriage. In our family children marry where the parents tell them to.

(b) Teacher to student: Don’t disturb my concentration by asking me questions in the classroom.

(c) Employee to the officer: Our working hours must be reduced according to the law.

Answer- Democracy as a value ensures an equal opportunity in decision-making. The father in first point is behaving like dictators who never ask public for any opinion and instead of it he applies his own rules on them. 

Democracy also ensures accountability of public representatives and institutions. In second point the teacher ask student not to disturb her concentration by asking him questions in the classroom. It is not fair that teacher ask student for this.

Democracy also ensures rule of law. The officer should follow the rules established and reduce the working hour.

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