how does amoeba take nutrition

Q- How does amoeba take nutrition?

Answer:- Amoeba is unicellular organism and has not organized organ system. Amoeba performs digestion with the process of phogocytosis.

There are some process which take place during nutrition in amoeba like.

· Ingestion:- Amoeba has no mouth and ingestion take place in any part of body surface of amoeba. Mostly the intaking of food take place with the help of pseudopodia. In this step pseudopodia extend and form cup like structure called food cup around they prey or food material. The opening of food cup slowly become narrow and finally closed after intaking food.

· Digestion:- Amoeba show intra cellular and vacuolar digestion. In the cytoplasm the food vacuole fused with lysosomes which contain digestive enzymes which convert complex and non – diffusible food material into simple and diffusible.

· Absorption:- In absorption the diffusible nutrition pass through vacuolar membrane into cytoplasm by diffusion and distributed to all body parts.

· Egestion:- In egestion the undigested food should be released from the wall of amoeba.

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