How to become a Billionaire Blogger

How to become a billionaire blogger

Let’s be honest … Not everyone in internet marketing is telling you the TRUTH.

IS THAT SO ? You’re not saying… Tell us something NEW that we don’t know…

OK I will do it. Sailing out there in that rough sea of ​​SCALLYWAGS, there are very MODEST providers of internet marketing TRUTH …

Who are they – And why should you believe me?

Ok, let’s go back for a second and see why people exaggerate the truth in the first place in internet marketing or any other marketing, let’s think about it .. If you’re producing an information product and want to sell 1000 copies (see, I I’m exaggerating already), it’s gonna be a lot easier to sell if you say something like “One Time LOSER Teenage Affiliate Marketer turns a $ 100 bill into $ 400,000 STAGGERING, in just 90 days” than it would say something like “Unlucky teenager made a lot of money working his butt all day and night for 90 days”

Distinct difference, eh?

you see the MAGIC of Marketing is such that we have to have some pretty FANTASTIC pictures painted in our minds for us. It’s the motivating force that drives us to hit the “Add to Cart” button… We buy this DREAM… It’s just GOOD Marketing, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

Where it all goes horribly wrong is when the product the person is buying cannot live up to the outrageous CLAIMS made about the product. Let’s be honest, some products are just plain RUBBISH. Some are a new hash of another product, and some are just SO bad, that the person who sold it probably had an ETHICAL bypass at birth.

This is not to say that every product claiming BIG amounts of money is NOT telling the truth. But that doesn’t automatically mean you will do the same. What works for one person may not work for YOU.

The ripple effect of such SKULLDUGGERY online is that people who buy these products in good faith now think that ALL marketers are complicit SOBs, trying to separate innocent and unsuspecting people from their money. hard earned.

Of course, that’s just not TRUE …

Now we have the Trusted IM Report Card as a guide to help you choose who to trust online. This is not a definitive guide as there are many trusted NEW marketers on the internet who are not yet included in this guide.

But I did promise you recommended marketers who you can both trust and manage knowing you will NOT be ripped off. Marketers you can follow with confidence, and who are known for their reputation, who will guide you through this CHOPPY sea and guide you to your internet marketing goals without the fear of getting taken for a ride.

Chris Farrell – Great Guy, Internet Marketing Trainer & Trusted Mentor ~ IM Report’s # 1 Internet Marketing Service


John Chow – Millionaire Blogger and Good Guy

Trish Mullen – Internet Business Entrepreneur and Mentor

Jo Barnes – Entreprenette, Facebook Marketing Expert and Online Mentor

Katie Freiling – Blogger, personal development and attraction marketing expert

Jason Fladlien Blogger – Internet Marketing

This is by no means a definitive list, as there are hundreds of trusted internet marketers out there. The 6 people above are people that I have personally dealt with over the past few months and can personally recommend them.

So why listen to me? Well 6 months ago I had never blogged or done affiliate marketing or anything like that. I have had a few internet businesses before, one was eBay related and the other was a Horse Racing Tipster business. But my marketing efforts were pretty bad and I had never created a blog or website before.

Today, I work full time, building an income online from home. I am writing this blog, adding tips and tricks for making money every day. I am in constant contact with marketers who are HOT, Happening and who are changing the internet with ethical products that make people money .. I am proud to be a part of it …

You can get Internet Savvy by listening to the right people and not giving in to all the HYPE & CLAPTRAP out there!

If it sounds TOO good to be TRUE… it probably is!

Have a nice day….

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