Top Tips for Ranking #1 in Google Search Results

Top Tips for Ranking # 1 in Google Search Results:

I know there are a lot of ways to do SEO, but I’m only using it as a case study and what went behind the scenes to make it happen.

It’s a little different from some of the other methods out there, so it should be a good study.

I bought a particular domain in June of this year. It has keywords in the domain, the same name as one of my competitors. But he has .com and I have .net. I had just left it idle, and sold it a few times.

An Englishman living in Cyprus

It was in August of this year that I listened to an interview with Brett MacFall, with an Englishman living in Cyprus. I call him that because at the moment I forgot his name. Anyway, the Englishman, living in Cyprus, shared a simple system in which he made a lot of money by owning a large number of sites. Mainly AdSense.

Copy and paste was his method of content. And that’s what I did. On my travel website, I have copied and pasted over 500 articles following the T & Cs of each directory.

I started with my targeted keyword, then added more from the AdSense blocks that I could see around the articles in the directory. I have now also added videos from Youtube.

For backlinks, I would bookmark each new entry on eight bookmarking sites, then ping them after the last entry of the day. I used to use Pingoat, then it started to go offline, so I switched to Pingomatic.

My site was bouncing a lot in the rankings until I added my target keyword at the start of the title, at the start of the first sentence, and at the end of the content. My site has grown slowly but surely now. I added related articles after seeing AdSense blocks in article directories. I made videos including those keywords as well.

I email and phone content owners to let them know I’m promoting them, posting their content on my website and directing them to my website so they can see it. I would then ask them if they would be kind enough to link their website to mine. I also found a wide assortment of high ranking sites to comment on. I would use my keyword as the name and use Easy Hyperlinks – Free Links Creator – from Links Maker – Easy Links to create the corresponding code.

Some sites are linked to my website, while others are not. I also sent out a press release yesterday, one of the press release sites has the option to have it as a PDF file so I will post it on some document sharing sites because my word- key is anchor text.

I also had an article turned into a video with a good male voiceover for $ 5 on Fiverr. Another person from Fiverr will open accounts and submit videos to 50 video sharing sites.

Where video and file sharing sites allow bookmarks, these will also be bookmarked.

I have also used the following WordPress plugins …

Automatic marker




As you can see, it’s not complicated and it’s very, very cheap to implement. It would have been great to see it all like this when I started, so take advantage of it.

All my wishes

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