Best high ranking social bookmarking sites

Best high ranking social bookmarking sites:

In my previous article on Getting Thousands of Backlinks to Your Blog I promise to write an article on high ranking sites so in this article I am going to share with you the best social bookmarking sites which are essential for getting backlinks to your blog.

I am sharing the best social bookmarking sites in this article. I will advertise in the best social bookmarking sites when I find more of the better sites. So, you can always come back to this article to find the best social bookmark sites.

Search Engine Optimization | Best high ranking social bookmarking sites

In my opinion, it is better to focus all your efforts on these top ranking social bookmark sites because the backlinks value of these sites is the best. You might know of other sites with good backlinks. Please also share with everyone here in these posts. I will update this in the future to add more high ranking social bookmarking sites.

What are social bookmarking sites?

Normally what we do is store our bookmarks on our web browser on our computer. Social bookmarking sites are the sites used by Internet users to store their favorite sites online rather than offline.

Social bookmarking sites are a good place to get traffic and backlinks to our blog. Social bookmark sites are where all the bookmarks are stored. There are millions of users on these sites, all we need is 10% of the traffic and we could make a good income from our blog. In this article, I am not going to talk about how traffic occurs on social bookmarking sites, I am going to talk more about where you can get quality backlinks from social bookmarking sites.

Best social bookmarking sites to get backlinks to your blog

The social bookmarks sites below are good places to start. You can add all of your blog posts to the social bookmark sites below to get high quality backlinks to your blog.

Delicious [PR 8]

Digg [PR 8]

Reddit [PR 8]

StumbleUpon [PR 8]

Mister-Wong [PR 7] [PR 7]

Diigo [PR 7]

Blinklist [PR 7]

Newsvine [PR 7]

Netvouz [PR 6]

There are other good social bookmarking sites out there and I will add more when I know more. I list some of the best social bookmark sites here. I don’t want you to waste your time and energy on bookmarking on low ranking social bookmarking sites. All we need to do is focus on getting backlinks from high ranking social bookmarking sites because the link value is higher. You don’t need to waste your time getting backlinks from low page rank sites. (Getting backlinks from low page rank sites has other benefits that will be discussed in another article.)

Tips on getting backlinks from social bookmarking sites

You need to know the idea below if you want to get quality backlinks to your blog:

1. Get those backlinks from high page rank sites. (Get backlinks from sites with higher page rank than your blog)

2. Get as many backlinks as possible.

3. Do not fill in too many backlinks at once as this will be considered spam.

4. 100 backlinks per month will do just fine.

So do it slowly. Step by step wins the backlinking race. Doing too much will harm your blog. So, try to do it at a moderate speed. Also, you should note that the number of backlinks will not show up in the Alexa Ranking Tool as soon as you tag your blog on social bookmarking sites. It takes time for search engines to index backlinks and finally appear in the Alexa tool. It normally takes 1 month to get new updates on the number of backlinks to your blog.

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