5 Simple Steps to the Best Internet Marketing Ideas

5 Simple Steps to the BEST Internet Marketing Ideas:

1) Forget what everyone else is doing, what matters is YOU and what you do.

2) Forget the competition, it’s all in your head. Over 2 BILLION (yes billion) people are currently using the Internet – Create things people WANT, not things YOU want.

3) STOP sucking at Guru’s. These people are business men / women like us, most of them are very talented, but at the end of the day they still want your money.


4) You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s TRUE, take action. In order to make money online you need to SELL things, preferably every FRICKIN day! If you take a backseat, you will simply become one of the many usual product buyers who provide wealth but never earn it.

5) Apply !. You are unique. The way you say something. and the way you do it will resonate with people like no one else can. By being yourself and daring to be different, you are already halfway there.

The world is full of followers, we all need to learn, but we don’t need to follow forever, we need to burst out and show the world what we can do.

Learn, create a product, position yourself as an expert, teach the process .. Rinse and repeat.

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