Secret YouTube Channel Ideas

SECRET YouTube Video Channel Ideas

Having a video channel that works for you is a great way to get links and income. This is just one of the many YouTube video ideas that can have a powerful impact on your video marketing, but it is still underused by the majority of YouTube users.

Much attention is paid to the details of the videos themselves, but the YouTube channel is often overlooked.

So why YouTube? Well, in some cases it can be much easier to optimize a video to reach the first page of Google than with a website, but this article is not about optimizing your YouTube videos, it is about get more out of your YouTube channel.

Yes you can monetize every video with adsense but did you know you can add clickable links to your channel as well, these links can be the first line of monetization because you can link them to your website, your sales pages , your blog, or even your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


On YouTube, if you have a lot of interesting content, you can often benefit from occasional traffic moving to your channel after watching one of your videos, so it makes sense that your channel is ready to refer visitors to your website (s).

By making full use of your YouTube channel, you will gain additional subscribers, likes, shares, and comments, which can only be a good thing. I would love to hear your comments on the video, please comment below and go to my YouTube channel and subscribe here.

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