By the end of 1940 hitler was at the pinnacle of his power explain the statement

Q- “By the End of 1940, Hitler was at the pinnacle of his power”. Explain the statement.

Answer- Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany on 30th, January 1922. He indefinitely suspends civil rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of assembly and starting ruling in Germany with decree. This all was done with the help of Article 48. 

After this Hitler started targeting firstly on the economic recovery of Germany. He also appointed a famous economist Hjalmal Schacht. After 6 years, he worked a lot to provide proper employment and also recover the debt of Germany. 

After all, he started targeting his nearby, countries to invade them and increase Germany land as well as regain the lost territories of Germany in Treaty of Versailles. Hitler started it as he believed that this will increase his resources and made Germany World Wide country.

Beside this he also worked in killing non-Aryan people as well as children in a large number to make Germany a pure nation. 

At 1940, Hitler was on the Pinnacle of his Powers and he attacked on Poland without planning about it this was the last mistake of Hitler that results in starting of World War two and ends with the defeat of Germany. 

After it Hitler with his family and propoganda minister committed suicide.

They did this to protect or prevent them from being punished by International Military Tribunal that was formed in Nuremberg.

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