State the role of setting up an international military tribunal at nuremberg

Q- State the role of setting up an International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg?

Answer- At the beginning of the winters in 1942, the governments of the Allied powers announced their intent to punish Nazi War criminals. On December 17, 1942, the leaders of the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union decided to hold an International Military Tribunal to resolving to prosecute those responsibilities for violence against civilian populations. 

The four charges brought against these officials were:

1. War Crimes

2. Crimes against humanity

3. Crimes against peace

4. Conspiracy to commit crimes of peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

After the defeat of Germany in World War two, they surrendered; Hitler committed suicide with his family and propoganda minister. At the end of the war, an International Military Tribunal was set up in Nuremberg. 

Nuremberg prisoners were imprisoned for life and many doers who killed Jews mercilessly were sentenced to death.

The amount of brutality, committed by Nazi army officers much more than the punishment given to them.

This was the role of setting up an International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

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