ConstantContent | Another site for making money writing articles

ConstantContent | Another site for making money writing articles:

I’ve written articles on DailyArticles, iWriter, Wizzley, ContentSumo, Writing Money Reviews, 10 Ways To Make Extra Money Online, and even wrote a Quick Money Online | 15 Ways To Make Money Fast. Is there enough money and are you able to handle all the items and jobs you have? (As long as you join all the sites and start doing work online) Still not enough money? Well, here is ConstantContent; another way to make money using your article writing skills.

ConstantContent is another site where you can write articles to earn money online. People make between $ 300 and $ 3,000 per month on ConstantContent alone.

I join ConstantContent

Guess what, I’m also a member now. I passed the quiz brilliantly. I got 5/5 and it’s 100 points. Yeah! ConstantContent here I come! Join ConstantContent.

How to join ConstantContent?

It is not easy to join ConstantContent. You must fill in your information when you register and you must pass their quiz before you can become an author in ConstantContent. I would say they are pretty strict in choosing new writers / authors.

How much can you sell your items on ConstantContent?

You can actually sell $ 50.00 per item on ConstantContent. Some people sell their items for $ 100.00 per item. It’s a good amount of money. The choice is yours: sell your items at a higher price or sell your items at a lower price. You set the price and wait for the buyers.

How much ConstantContent do you charge?

The major downside if you are selling your items on ConstantContent are the high fees per sale. ConstantContent charges 35% on all sales you make on their site. If you sell $ 100.00 per sale, ConstantContent charges a $ 35.00 fee to help you find buyers for your items.

How long to get approval?

The wait time may be longer compared to other article writing sites. As mentioned before, ConstantContent is pretty strict. They’ll check properly, check for plagiarism, and read your articles before approving your item for sale on their site. Make sure you have high quality articles that are written yourself and not copied elsewhere.

ConstantContent is another profitable site for making money writing articles. Submit high quality articles to create a good impression on ConstantContent. If you submit shoddy articles or copy and paste from elsewhere, I don’t know if you will get banned or not.

Just be honest, write great articles, and make money with ConstantContent.

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