MyLot: The best forum for making money with forum posts

MyLot: The best forum for making money with forum posts:

I have been making a fairly good income from MyLot for several years. It is passive income because the income from MyLot arrives once every 2 or 3 months. Income is also low just like Triond, but MyLot income is much better compared to Triond income.

MyLot consists of starting discussions, replying to discussions, rating MyLot discussions, concurrent tasks, etc. . Everything you post on the MyLot forums turns into money for you. Keep in mind that MyLot earnings are updated once every 24 hours.

Start discussions on MyLot

When you start chatting on MyLot, it is a faster way to earn money with MyLot. Discussions are more valuable than comments on threads started by other MyLotters. So, try to start more discussions about different interests. You will see your MyLot earnings increase faster.

Reply to all comments in your MyLot discussions

Keep in mind that when you start a discussion on MyLot, you will receive replies or comments from MyLotters. So you must also respond. It helps you increase the popularity of your chats and earn more money at the same time. Don’t start a discussion and leave it there without responding to other MyLotters.

Rate MyLotters who respond to your chats using the + and –

In MyLot, it is important to give ratings to MyLotters. When people reply to your discussions, if their answers are correct, please give them a + rating. It is always good to give positive ratings on MyLot as it adds more interaction between MyLotters. By giving reviews you can earn more money with MyLot.

Why is this so? This is because when you rate other people + they tend to rate your chats as well. When your discussions get more notes, your discussions appear on the first pages of MyLot. Your threads gain more traffic and receive more comments. This way you can earn a lot more money with MyLot.

Add more interests on MyLot

Interests are categories of discussions in MyLot. If you want to make more money with MyLot, being active is an important key and adding more interests in MyLot allows you to see more discussions and you can earn more money when you participate in more interests.

earn money on mylot forum

The image above shows you how to add more interests to your MyLot account. Click add and you can add more interests.

The fastest way to make more money on MyLot is to work on tasks

There are a lot of simple tasks on MyLot. Some of the tasks pay up to $ 5.00 at the end of the task. Believe it or not, I got most of my MyLot income from the Tasks section of MyLot.

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