7 Secrets to Get Low Refund Rates on Clickbank Sales

7 SECRETS to Get Low Refund Rates on Clickbank Sales! …

How To Build A Happy List … The SECRET of Getting Less Than 2% Refund Rate on Clickbank Française |

By guest blogger – Robert Hawthorne, Houston TX USA.

My wife has a few products that she sells on ClickBank, and over the past few years I’ve been shocked at the number of people who have requested a refund – it’s less than 2%.

While we were having our coffee and our scrambled eggs that my wife so kindly made this morning, we did our normal jobs and talked about her business, her goals, her directions, her problems, her solutions, her their ideas for new products, their marketing, etc.

The conversation led to the appearance that she had received a refund request from someone last night. I asked her how long had passed since she received a refund request and she couldn’t remember. She just searched and it was over 100 sales ago. Looking back in her emails, it’s obvious that she has a reimbursement rate of less than 2%.

The reason I think it’s so low is because …

1. It solves a problem in a non-profit niche. One of his ebooks has nothing to do with making money and is a product that helps people solve a problem they have. It is proven that they follow his advice in his eBook that over time people will be able to get rid of this problem.


2. She Delivers Too Much – The eBook is Loooooong and packed with information – much more than the sales letter I wrote reveals. So when people download the ebook and all the bonuses, they feel like they are getting their money’s worth – which they are really doing.


3. She provides a ton of information for free.

Between blog posts and hundreds of articles, she gives a ton of tips, ideas and practical information. Those who read her articles and blog posts realize, “Wow, if she shares so much information with the public, I can’t imagine what the information in the ebook looks like!”

4. She builds a strong relationship with her list. These are a few basics, but all of her autoresponder emails are VERY personalized. All the way to the one I threw in which a ton of people respond to… most think the email was sent directly to them personally. People know there is really someone behind the website and someone who really cares about them. Read that last sentence again.

5. She has plenty of specials for those on her list.

My wife now has 4-5 products that she offers on this list. Each time we launch a new product, we offer everyone on their list a special price available only for 7 days before the offer goes online to the public. This little technique was very powerful.

6. Survey the list often. She not only launches surveys to find out what other products / services her list is interested in, but also to get a general idea of ​​everyone’s situation. Based on this information, I make changes to the sales letter to overcome new objections that we learn people are having. This of course increases the conversion rate and helps future customers to feel even more comfortable with their purchase.

7. She responds to all emails – Have you ever purchased a product from ClickBank and emailed the creator of the product and never heard back? This has happened to me many times. Heck, it even happened to me last week and I still haven’t heard from the fool.

Most emails are “thank you” emails from people, and of course there are emails from people interested in the product, but ask a few questions first.

Can the e-mail response be outsourced? Yes and no. All technical issues, such as download issues, can easily be outsourced. However, this is a very small percentage emails. My wife has to respond personally to the rest of the emails, there is no getting around that. Yes, it’s extra work, but that little extra work is a big reason the reimbursement rate is so low.

I’m sure there are several more reasons, but I wanted to share the few above which came to me immediately. I hope this will be useful to you.

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