Define Passive immunity. Give its significance

Q- Define Passive immunity. Give its significance.

Answer- Passive immunity is a kind of administration of antibodies in an unimmunized person from any immune subject. This helps an unimmunized person to get temporary protection against any microbe or antigen of any disease.

Mostly passive immunity is to be conferred to those people who are exposed to diseases such as whooping cough, measles, mumps, polio, etc. In passive immunity the transfer of active humoral immunity of ready-made antibodies takes place.

Passive immunity generally takes place naturally as it is the immunity development that takes place by inoculation of ready-made antibodies.

There are several significances of passive immunity. Some of the significances are given below:

  • The immune response of passive immunity in an individuals’s body is faster than the vaccine.
  • Passive immunity is responsive to immediate relief and it is enough working to develop immunity quickly and provide relief instantly.

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