Describe the problems faced by weimar republic

Q- Describe the problems faced by Weimar Republic.

Answer- The major problems faced by Weimar republic were as follows:

1. Treaty of Versailles:

After the defeat of Germany in World War two. A peace treaty was organised that forced Germany to pay reparation of the war. So, after the fall of old empire Weimar republic had to take the burden of old empire and the Treaty of Versailles.

2. Economic Crisis:

Due to war Germany become financially weak and had to repay the war debt and also the value of ‘mark’ currency of Germany value fall down leads to a very huge crisis. The Gold mines were being depleted and a lot of unemployment was spread in all over Germany.

3. Political Crisis:

The Weimar republic was criticized by the citizen’s ideas for the defeat in the First World War and for the worse situation of that time. The proportional representation and Article 48 creates a huge political Crisis in Germany.

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