Discuss why nazism became popular in germany in 1930s

Q- Discuss why Nazism became popular in Germany in 1930s?

Answer- Nazism became popular in Germany in 1930s, due to several reasons that all are as follows:

1. Failure of Weimar Republic:

Due to a lots of Economic as well as political crisis in Germany Weimar republic fails to rule the country properly as they had to take over the burden of debt of their old empire so they cannot maintain it properly and fail.

2. Nazi propoganda was unique, Red banner with the Swastik logo. Nazi salute and the rounds of the applause attracted the people making Nazism very popular.

 3. Hitler’s Personality:

Hitler was a fair, blue eyed, gentle man who uses his powerful words to get support of people in Germany. He joined a party in Germany. Later he renamed it as Nazi party. He was an attractive personality.

He promises a lot to people and in this way he get a lot of support.

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