Difference between active transport and passive transport

Q- Differentiate between passive transport and active transport.

Answer- Active Transport:

1. Active transport is the process of movement of molecules across a membrane from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration gradient, often assisted by enzymes and requires energy.

2. Active transport requires cellular energy.

3. Active transportation is required for the transportation of all the molecules such as- protein, large cells, complex sugars, ions e.t.c. .

4. Active transport is the process that reduces or halts as the oxygen content level is reduced.

Passive Transport:

1. Passive transport is the movement of ions and molecules across the cell membrane without requiring energy.

2. Passive transport do not requires cellular energy.

3. Passive transport is required for transportation of all soluble molecules, including oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, lipids e.t.c. .

4. Passive transport is the process that is not affected by the level of oxygen contents.

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