Differentiate between the following: (a) capture fishery and culture fishery

Q- Differentiate between the following: 

(a) Capture fishery and Culture fishery.

(b) Mixed cropping and Inter cropping

(c) Bee keeping and Poultry farming

Answer- (a) Capture fishery:

1. Capture fishery involves catching of fishes directly from natural water bodies.

2. Capture fishery provides employment to many people as it need no investment. 

Culture fishery:

1. Culture fishery involves rearing of fish in artificial bodies such as breeding ponds.

2. Culture fishery requires investment to make an artificial pond for it. 

(b) Mixed cropping:

1. Mixed cropping is the process of growing two or more different crops together in the same field is called mixed cropping.

2. Mixed cropping is also called as multiple cropping.

3. Mixed cropping helps in preventing depletion of soil fertility. 

4. Mixed cropping decreases the chances of crop failure and prevents chances of farmer’s loss.


1. Inter-Cropping is the process of growing  of two or more different crops simultaneously in the same field or part of land in definite row pattern.

2. Inter-Cropping has a row patter like 1 : 1, 2 : 1 or 1 : 3.

3. Inter-Cropping also helps in preventing depletion of soil fertility. 

4. Inter-Cropping ensures maximum utilization of nutrients in soil.

(c) Bee keeping:

1. Bee keeping requires rearing of honey bee in artificial hives.

2. Bee keeping is done with the help of artificial hive called as apiary.

3. Bee keeping is done to produce honey through artificial method. The apiaries are placed at an area with flowers grown to make it easy for honey bees to collect flower juices.

Poultry farming:

1. Poultry farming is done to rear poultry birds to get meat as well as egg as output.

2. There are two types of poultry birds these are layer and broilers.

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