Differentiate between Unicellular and Multicellular organisms

Q- Differentiate between Unicellular and multicellular organisms.

Answer- Unicellular organism:

1. Unicellular organism are very tiny organism which are formed or consisted of only one single cell.

2. In unicellular organism the division of labour is between the cell organelles.

3. Unicellular organisms are composed on single cell that is why they have a very simple structure.

4. Some of the examples of unicellular organisms are: amoeba, yeast, euglena etc.

Multicellular Organisms:

1. Multicellular Organisms are formed of many cells or more than one cell. These organisms are complex in structure.

2. In Multicellular Organisms the division of labour is at the level of cells, or tissues and organs.

3. In Multicellular organisms the body formation is complex because of too many cells and processes.

4. Some of the examples of multicellular organisms are: animals, humans etc.

That is it for the question that asked above. This answer is enough to differentiate between unicellular and multicellular organisms. If you want to read more about unicellular and multicellular organism. So, read the paragraphs given below:

Unicellular organisms: All the unicellular organisms are also known as single celled organisms as they are of single cell only. There are two sub-categories of unicellular organisms that are Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic. All the unicellular organism that have definite nucleus and cell organelles are called as eukaryotic organism and all the unicellular organism that have fake or false or diffused nucleus and less cell organelles are called as prokaryotic organism.

Multicellular organisms: All the organisms are made up of more than one cell are included in multicellular organism. Basically plants, animals and human are included in it as they are composed of several cells. In body of multicellular organisms several complex processes takes place and they have a complex body design or structure. The process of cell division take place specially in multicellular organisms.

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