Draw a well labelled diagram of an Eukaryotic nucleus how is it different from nucleoid

Q- Draw a well labeled diagram of an eukaryotic nucleus. How is it different from nucleoid?


The main differences between Nucleus and Nucleoid are as follows:


1. Nucleus is large sized.

2. Nucleus has a membrane or is membrane bound.

3. Nucleolus is present in nucleus of a eukaryotic cell.

4. In Nucleus of Eukaryotic cell DNA is associated with histones to form chromatin.


1. Nucleoid is small sized.

2. Nucleoid has no membrane or has no membrane bound envelop.

3. Nucleolus is not present in Nucleoid of a eukaryotic cell.

4. In Nucleoid of Eukaryotic cell DNA is naked associated but no histone is preent in Nucleoid.

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