How To Make Money With Your Own Horse Racing Advisory Service

How To Make Money With Your Own Horse Racing Advisory Service!

As I write this article, after spending almost two hours studying the Forms Book this morning, the Forms Book is a book detailing all racehorses in the UK and all previous races to date. It took me that long to decide not to tip a horse today on one of my horse racing consulting services.

Why do I tip horses? because their can be a lot of money to be made.

People are willing to pay a lot of money for advice on horse racing.

HOW MUCH? – you decide how much, I know a guy in the USA, who runs an advisory service on the NFL, hockey, horses etc etc and makes about 60K (dollars) per MONTH… yes a MONTH! – but he has quite a few SUBSCRIBERS ..

I have been running a race consulting service since November 2007, part-time.

If you think about it, how many people in your country like a bet? Whether it’s on horses, dogs, soccer, online poker, you name it – if the going, people love to bet on it. Millions of pounds are wagered here in the UK every day on horse racing alone

Surprisingly, MOST people (98%) lose money doing this. As the manager of William Hill (Bookmakers) in the 80s, I learned a lot about human nature, especially gambling.

A betting shop is not the most positive place to work as people are very stressed and go through many emotions at the same time, such as HIGHs winning and WEAKS losing. I loved the thrill of horse racing, but back then you were allowed to smoke in betting shops. Since I was not a smoker, I left that career for another, because every day I felt like I had smoked 60 cigarettes, coughed and breathed – even though I didn’t smoke.

I started to think about all those gamers who threw their money every day on unnecessary tips. Now, I don’t encourage gambling in any way, basically – if you don’t know when to quit – you just shouldn’t start. But if people want to play, you can help provide that information.

People love tricks, they love horse racing tricks. Horse racing is the second largest spectator sport in the UK – football is the biggest.

You don’t have to be a horse racing expert to make money selling racing tips online. You just need to be in touch with people who are.

You don’t need to have contacts in the racing stables – most jockey don’t know what’s going to win, and coaches and owners keep a grip on what they know.


There are some very knowledgeable people in the horse racing forums. They will tip for free almost every day. Just follow the good ones on paper – once you find someone who knows what they’re doing, you can get them into the allure of a joint venture – that is, you do advertising, deliver the website, deal with clients and send advice to them. They provide the information. – you share the profit 50/50

This is how I started. I didn’t know anything about the form of racing at the time. All I knew is if you can give people enough winners to make them money, they will love you for it and continue to subscribe to your service. today i have learned to read the forms book, it takes away the need for a partner.


Now you don’t have to bet yourself to be qualified to run a horse racing service, I’m not betting at all.

How do you get customers to join your department? There are many places where people who bet hang out. Forums, Facebook, etc. Offer a free trial, people love a FREE trial, if your results are good they will pay you to sign up and keep paying you.

Think about it – people will bet anyway, if you can give people good advice, they will come back to you for more – if you make them money.


Hope you enjoyed today’s advice – any comments are welcome.


Have a nice day

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