I don’t know about you, but the one thing I like about a good money-making idea is when you give it a different angle, and it always works well.

Handywomen services are BIG BUCKS and are increasing as more and more women qualify in all trades including plumbing, building, carpentry, etc.

More and more business colleges are finding more and more women applying for training – to become fully skilled tradespeople.

Until a few years ago – you would never see a female electrician or plumber, now it is becoming more and more common.

So how does a Handywoman business – SIMPLE…

I don’t know about you, but when I ask someone to fix something like the washing machine or the gas boiler, I don’t really like strangers in my house anyway and I’m sure a few of people do. – you never really know what to expect and it must be a lot worse for a woman, especially if she’s home alone.

Hence the rise and rise of the Handywoman agency.

This business can be run from home with very little running costs. The idea is to place ads in local newspapers for HANDY WOMEN… now before anyone says anything – you have to word the ads correctly (LOL)… Tradeswomen Wanted – Best Rates of Pay. Or something like that.

All tradeswomen will initially work for your agency as freelancers. This eliminates the hassle of contributions to employment etc. to get started and minimize your up-front running costs.

Here are some Handywoman businesses run in UK and USA.

United Kingdom

United States

Getting tradeswomen shouldn’t be a problem, check with your local trades school, post notices on the college bulletin board for “qualified” tradeswomen, or use local advertisements.


Getting people to take the service certainly shouldn’t be a problem either as it’s usually the woman who makes the decisions about the house anyway and I’m sure a lot of women prefer to employ a qualified woman to do it. the same job a man could do, without a lot of BS! that comes with some handymen around women! (Sorry guys!)

You set the price for the labor, you collect the payment, including the deposit – set an hourly rate with your workers and the little in between will be your profit – less costs for advertising and stationery, phone calls, etc.

Hope you enjoyed today’s tip for making money

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