Explain the basis for grouping organisms into five kingdoms

Q- Explain the basis for grouping organisms into five kingdoms.

Answer- The classification of organisms was done by Whittaker. The entire organism in the world are mainly classified or divided into five main categories that are called kingdom.

Classification of organisms is done because of several reasons. Some of the importances of classification of organisms are as follows:

1. Classification helps in understanding the other branches of life sciences.

2. Through classification we can understand all life forms together and as a whole.

3. Classification makes the study of different types of organisms easy.

4. The bewildering variety of life around us has evolved on earth. In order to make relevant groups to study, variety of the forms, we classify organisms.

5. It also reveals the inter-relationship among organisms. 

The bases for grouping organisms into five kingdoms are as follows:

1. Complexity of organism’s body.

2. Complexity of cell structure.

3. Mode of obtaining nutrition.

4. Phylogenetic relationship

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