Explain the ideals of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution

Q- Explain ideals of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution.

Answer- The main ideals of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution are as follows:

1. Equality: All the citizens are equal before the law. The traditional social inequalities have to be ended. The government should ensure equal opportunity for all. This is known as Equality.

2. We the people of India: The constitution has been drawn up and enacted by the citizens through their representatives, and not handed down to them through by a kind of any outside powers.

3. Republic: A country is said to be republic if the head or ruler of that country is an elected representative.

4. Sovereign: No one can restrict citizens from making decision in Internal as well as external matters. This is known as Sovereign. 

5. Secular: Secular refers to the right of every citizen to follow any religion he wants. No one can force anyone to follow any religion. This is known as Secular.

6. Justice: Government should work for the welfare of all, especially for the disadvantaged groups. Citizens cannot be discriminated on the ground of caste, religion and gender. This is known as Justice

7. Fraternity: Fraternity states that all the citizens of a country should live like a member of same family. They should obey each other as family member. This is known as Fraternity.

8. Liberty: Liberty states that every citizen have right to think, express their opinion and the way they wish to follow up their thoughts in actions and no one can restrict him from these all. This is known as Liberty.

9. Democratic: It is a form of government in which the ruler was elected by the citizens of that country. This is also known as rule of people.

10. Socialist: The Government of a country should regulate the ownership of land and industry to reduce socio-economic inequalities. This is known as Socialist. 

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