Give a brief account of how monsoons advance into India

Q- Give a brief account of how monsoons advance into India?

Answer- India is a large country which has a monsoon type of Clime. In early June, the low pressure conditions over the northern plains intensify. These south-east trade winds cross the equator and blow in south-westerly direction, entering the Indian peninsula as the south-west monsoons. As these blow over warm oceans, they brings abundant moisture to the sub-continent. These winds are strong and blow at an average velocity of 30 Km per hour.

Early in the season the windward side of the Western Ghats receives very heavy rainfall, more than 250 cm. The maximum rainfall of this season is received in the northeastern part of the country.

Mawsynram in Khasi hills receives the highest average rainfall in the world. Rainfall in the Ganga valley decreases from east to the west Rajasthan and parts of Gujarat get scanty rainfall.

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