Had media played any role in the propoganda of nazi regime

Q- Had media played any role in the propoganda of Nazi regime?

Answer- Media played an important role in the propoganda of Nazi regime by the following ways:

1. Nazism worked on the minds of the people, tapped their emotions and turned their hatred and anger at those marked ‘undesirable’.

2. Jews and Gypsies were referred to be as vermin, rats, pests e.t.c. in films also they show Jews and Gypsies as very low category and supervises the Aryan race. In this way they created a hatred feeling among people of Germany.

3. The Non-Aryans were also shown in media as with the flowing beards wearing kaftans, whereas in reality it was very difficult to determine or differentiate German Jews from their outer appearance because, they were highly assimilated community.

4. The most Infamous film of Nazi Germany that spread a lots of hate was ‘The Eternal Jews’. 

5. They were attacked as malicious foreign agent.

6. Socialists and liberals were represented as degenerated and weak.

7. In posters, groups identified as the ‘enemies’ of Germans were stereotyped, mocked abused and described as evil.

8. Nazi idea was spread through visual images, radios, films, posters, catchy slogans and leaflets.

9. Media hide the information of Gas chamber and Concentration camp and called it as special treatment for Jews and Gypsies.

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