what kind of racial segregation was practised by hitler

Q- What kind of racial segregation was practised by Hitler?

Answer- Hitler did racial segregation by the following ways:

1. Under the Euthansia Programme, Helworth’s father along with other Nazi officials had condemned to death many Germans, who were considered mentally and physically unfit.

2. This meant that even those Germans, who were seen as impure or abnormal had no right to exist.

3. Only they were seen as worthy of prospering and multiplying against all others, who were classified as ‘undesirable’.

4. Non-Aryans were called as ‘undesirable’ in Germany.

5. Nazis wanted only a society of ‘pure and healthy Nordic Aryans’.

6. Once in power, the Nazis quickly to implement their dreams creating an exclusive racial community of Pure Germans by physically eliminating all those who were seen as ‘undesirable’ in the extended empire.

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