How does seasonal employment affect the food security

Q- How does seasonal employment affect the food security?

Answer- Seasonal unemployment refers to a condition in which people get work or is employed only for a particular season after it he or she would become unemployed. In this kind of employment person had to suffer the condition of starvation at off season. This is a very big problem of developing India.

The Seasonal employment affects the food security of India as the people who are involved in seasonal employment had to suffer from starvation in this way he or she is not food secure. On the other hand food security is very necessary for any country. In this way we understood that food security for all people is very necessity for developing India. The main reasons for the need of food security in India are as follows:

1. Because due to natural disaster or any calamity the food production decreases because of crop failure.

2. Several people die every day because of scarcity of food or starvation. 

3. Due to shortage of food the prices of food grains rises rapidly and reaches the limit that poor people cannot afford it.

4. Food security is needed in India because if people of India are food insecure so there will be a large starvation and the death rate of Indian would increase. 

Due to high number of food insecure people in India the Indian government had introduced or launched several other programmes to reduce poverty in India. Some of the most popular or successful poverty alleviation programmes which were launched by Indian government are as follows:

1. Food for work program

2. Integrated Child Development Services

3. Antyodaya Anna Yojana

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