How is the Prime Minister elected

Q- How is the Prime Minster elected?

Answer- The Prime Minister is elected through voting but in this voting the vote is not given by the public but instead of them the representative of different constituencies vote to elect Prime Minister. The voters in this election are the Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assembly.

The President also plays a big role in election of Prime Minister. 

The one who get the majority of votes become prime minister and then he or she starts performing is best for the welfare of people.

Prime Minister is the head of the country after President. The Prime minister has several powers and rights to government the country. 

Some of the powers of Prime Minster are as follows:

1. Prime Minister has rights to coordinate the work of different departments.

2. Prime Minister chairs the cabinets meetings which were held to take major decisions.

3. Prime Minister has right to distribute and redistribute works to all the ministers.

4. Prime Minister also has the right to dismiss any minister of that country any time.

5. The Prime Minister of any country has right that his or her decision would be the final decision even their disagreements arises in that decision from any departments.

6. Prime Minister is the head of the entire minister and has right or power to supervise them and all the ministers had to follow the supervision of prime minister.

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