How To Earn Over $1000 Per Month As An Amazon Affiliate

How To Earn Over $ 1000 Per Month As An Amazon Affiliate:

I made my first sale a few weeks later.

I’m not an expert, I’m still testing and learning, but I’ll share what I’ve done in case it helps anyone:

For the month of May, I had 1,624 unique visitors, of which 311 clicked on Amazon. I had 10 sales totaling $ 1,366 in income. I was at the 6.5% payout rate (due to my other sites), so those sales brought in almost $ 89 in commissions.

I have 41 posts on my site (WordPress blog) – 24 are product reviews and 17 are ‘informative’ for the niche (what certain product terms mean and why they are important, how to get the best deal, what ‘you have to search in “x products”, etc.).

I thought the informative posts would help the site stand out from others targeting the niche who are just using Amazon product listings as posts.

Traffic continues to climb and most of the traffic comes from searches for “product name” and search “product name reviews”. Here are a few things that seem to help:

I handwrite each review – no content has been taken verbatim from Amazon except for a few comments from their consumer reviews.

When I mention Amazon consumer reviews, I suggest that the visitor can “read more here: (affiliate text link to Amazon review page)”.

I started by writing Amazon bestseller reviews for this product group. There are probably a few hundred different versions of this product on Amazon.

Inadvertently, I chose a niche where product instruction manuals are readily available online. I started reading the manuals, which allows reviews to include more information than what can be found in the Amazon product listing or any other site that just uses the information from Amazon.

Items such as included accessories, ways to use the product, information on how it compares to competitive products. This allows for more content in general and longer keyword traffic.

I visit the manufacturers’ sites for more information.

I promote the site with favorites, a handful of articles, a Squidoo lens network, and a Hubpage.

I Title of each article with “Complete review of product name”.

I Link images, text links, and reviews from Amazon reviews to Amazon.

I am including a “check price” button in the message.

I also use WP-Table Reloaded to create a comparison page of all reviewed products that can be sorted by critical product features, ratings, and price and can also be filtered by all column data .

I am including the product name in the table links to my reviews page. The price data in the table is related to Amazon.

I created a standard format that I use for each review so that they are consistent in case the visitor switches from one review to another. This way all the same information is in the same order. (There is probably a faster way to do this, but I just copied all the HTML formatting needed to layout my post into a draft post.

When I go to write a review, I copy the HTML from the draft into a new message, then I just have to paste the text of my review, insert images and links.)

These niches are not something that I am generally an expert in and it took me a while to research them and familiarize myself with the critical characteristics of the products. At first it took me hours to do a full review, but now that I’ve done heaps of them, they’re a lot easier and faster to write.

My domain is an exact keyword with a hyphen .com for a phrase that indicates who would buy these products.

The keyword gets 8,100 exact searches per month in Google’s Keyword Tool. Although I have optimized this keyword phrase, it is really the specific product names that drive the traffic. So keyword research doesn’t take a lot of time. Find a product, write a review.

I am currently down the 1st page of Google for my keyword, having passed the .com and .net without a hyphen. Interested in seeing if the searches for the keyword itself will bring sales or if it will continue to be the product name searches.

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