You should know- How personal is your personal development

How personal is your personal development?

Today’s tip isn’t so much a tip for making money per se … it’s more of a personal SUCCESS mantra that works great for me, but of course before I can earn any money. money, we must have the right course of thought. Here are some personal thoughts from me.

Sigmund Freud once said: “We are born with a pleasure principle, namely that we will seek immediate satisfaction of needs, for which our body rewards us with feelings of pleasure. The reverse is also true, and the Pain Principle says that while seeking pleasure, people will also seek to avoid pain ”.

This was later picked up by modern personal development specialist Anthony Robbins and renamed the Pain / Pleasure Principle.

Before looking at what makes us tick, we must first check “WHAT WE HAVE”. There is no point in being motivated if we are missing the fundamentals of SUCCESS .. here is my take.

1) Good health – This is the number 1 principle of SUCCESS. If you are not healthy, you have nothing. There is no point in making millions of dollars a year if your body is no longer focused on WINNING… If all you can think about is getting through the day, because you are in pain, or are massively INADEQUATE or in poor condition. bad health is not success. Take care of your body.


2) Relationships – Not just with other people, but with YOURSELF… We need other people in our lives, without a doubt. It’s not good to be the richest person you know, if YOU are all you know. We have to interact with people, we bounce off others, we appreciate others, we love others, we are loved by others. We need all of this… but also just as important, maybe more so – we need a good relationship with OURSELVES.

It is not good to love others if we secretly hate ourselves… US, apart from our friends, lovers, relatives and colleagues – are all that WE have. How can we truly enjoy a relationship with another person if we don’t like each other. .

It makes sense to love us too. We are unique in this life, everyone has something great to offer someone. YOU are more than you think.

So, back to the Pain / Pleasure principle… what motivates YOU…

Is it the pain of NOT doing something, or is it the PLEASURE of doing it? – Why are you doing what you are doing?

Here is my own personal Focus List .. I thought I would share with you today.

1) Every day I will be working on my health – I have to SURVIVE even my wildest dreams.

2) Every day I will build relationships with everyone, present and far away – every day, in all ways, I will improve myself and build stronger relationships with those with whom I live and for whom I live.

3) Every day I will create tangible wealth to support the many dreams I have settled in my mind, both for my own enjoyment of seeing life unfold as I see it, and to help others move forward their own life as they see it ..

Stay FOCUS … Aim for something SPECIFIC … Avoid DISTRACTIONS .. Make informed DECISIONS.

It’s not just about how you use your time, it’s about how you use it WELL.

And that’s about it … I hope to have another PERSONAL conversation with you someday …

If you have any comments. I would like to hear from you

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