How to Increase Memory Power and Concentration for students

Do you want to increase Memory Power and Concentration so, this is the correct place. Here I will tell you some genuine tips that will help you to increase your memory power and concentration.

We did deep research and gathered these tips that will help you to increase your Memory Power and Concentration as a student.

All the given tips will give you 100 percent shocking results. We all want to increase our memory power as well as concentration power. Being a student it is very necessary to be attentive and have high concentration power to study hard and achieve goals.

how to increase memory power and concentration for students
How to increase memory power and concentration for students

Below we had provided 20 Tips that will help you to increase your memory power and concentration. If you follow these tips for 1 to 2 months so you will guarantee to find some changes in your memory power as well as an increase in concentration power.

1. We should Eat less sugar food: To increase your concentration power as well as memory strength a student should need to take less sugar food. Being a student we should not take too many sweets in desserts and also had to avoid sugar-filled drinks because these drinks make our minds dull.

2. Eat Fish Oil supplements: Eating fish supplements is one of the most important tips to increase your memory power because all the fish supplements have various important vitamins that help in boosting our mental power. So, if you are a non-vegetarian so you should start taking fish supplements. All the fish supplements help in reducing triglycerides in our body and fulfill the scarcity of vitamins.

3. Do meditation daily: We should have to do meditation daily especially in the morning time because meditation is a kind of mental exercise that calms our brain and increases its strength to perform any function. While meditating there is a kind of physiological change in which every cell of our body is filled with energy. This makes us feel energetic, relaxed, less stressed, and calm. So, if you want to increase your memory power and concentration so you must do meditation daily.

Some of the other benefits of meditation are: Decrease in anxiety, improves emotional stability, gives peace of mind, the mood becomes good and we start feeling happy, and increases creativity, thinking as well as learning skills.

4. Take a balanced diet and be very sincere about your weight: Nowadays, maximum students are too addicted to junk food or fast food. The current generation loves these food items a lot. But these food items are very harmful to our physical as well as mental health. So, we should avoid these food items as much as possible.

Most of the students are unable to study with concentration because of laziness and inactivity of their brain and this is caused due to fast food. When we eat fast food that food increases fat in our body and makes our body lazy. Once our body becomes lazy so this put an adverse effect on our brain. Many students are today, victims of obesity because of their habit to eat junk food or fast food.

5. We should take proper sleep: In order to increase memory power and concentration. Proper sleeping is a very big factor. If any student is not taking proper sleep or is sleeping more than necessary so this makes his or her mind weak and decreases their creativity skills.

On the basis of some research and surveys, a data-sheet is prepared that will help you to determine the hours of sleep you should take. This chart may be very helpful for those who are sleeping more than their need.

S. No.Age Group (in years)Sleeping Hours
1.6-139-12 hours
2.14-178-10 hours
3.18-257-9 hours
4.26-657-9 hours
5.65+7-8 hours
How to increase memory power and concentration for students

6. Keep practicing Mindfulness: Mindfulness is also one of the most important factors that are responsible for increasing memory power and concentration in students. The word ‘Mindfulness’ is just the opposite of ‘Forgetfulness’. So, we have to do several things to make ourselves mindful.

To keep yourself mindful firstly everyone should have to start taking mindful breaths, second step for making yourself mindful is to do meditation, not take too much tension, and always be stress-free.

7. Avoid alcohol: Alcohol is very popular among the new generation as many students become alcohol or any other drug addiction. It is very dangerous for their health as well as their career. If any student wants to increase his or her memory power so he or she should have to avoid all types of drugs and smoking addiction.

8. Train your brain by tricky games: We should have to train our brain by playing tricky games. As playing tricky games makes our memory power boost and it also increases our chances of developing our creativity. Some research showed that any child who plays tricky games found it very less difficult to learn topics. We recommend you all as a student to play tricky games such as chess etc.

9. Focus on your Vitamin D level: Vitamin D is very necessary for our body especially since it played a vital role in improving our mental strength. Students who are weak in studies or are unable to concentrate on studies have a deficiency of vitamin D. So, we recommend those students to reach out to any doctor and ask him for a proper vitamin D level test. This will help you know whether you have Vitamin D deficiency or not.
Here are some points to follow if you want to increase your Vitamin D level:

  • Exercise regularly in the morning time.
  • Eat these food items more: mushrooms, fortified foods, yolk, nuts, fatty fishes, seeds, desi ghee, white butter, filtered oil, etc.

10. Do regular exercise: We all know that if we are physically fit and strong it helps us in making our minds mentally strong as well as fit. So we should have to do yoga and exercise every day especially in the morning time if possible. Because morning is the best time to do exercise and if you do regular exercise so you will remain physically as well as mentally fit.

how to increase memory power and concentration for students

11. Practice yoga in the morning: Yoga is very good for our health and it helps make us mentally strong. So, we should try yoga every day. Several surveys showed that the people who practice yoga daily are mentally as well as physically stronger than those who do not. If you do not practice yoga so we recommend you to start doing yoga from today because it is good for our mental health, especially all students should try yoga in the morning time.

12. Reduce eating Junk food or fast food: We all know that the current generation loves junk food a lot but they are not aware of the harmful effects of junk food or fast food on our health. Nowadays, most students are addicted to junk food and they love it a lot. Eating junk food makes us inactive or dull. So, we should avoid eating junk food on some occasions you can eat it but not in big quantity.

13. Start adding some Cocoa to your diet: Cocoa is very beneficial for our health. Cocoa is rich in polyphenols that have several health benefits. Cocoa helps in maintaining our blood pressure. We should eat cocoa powder in our diet as it helps to increase our memory power and concentration level. Cocoa reduces the chances of heart disease and also decreases heart attack risk.

14. Start learning something different: We should always try to learn something new and always be creative because if we always try to learn something so this increases our memory power. Especially students should not stay a free mind. They should always be creative and try to learn more and more.

15. Avoid overusing smartphones or watching Television: We all know that most students spent the majority of their time watching television or using smartphones. But they actually do not know how much harmful it is for their brain, eyes, health, etc. because any student who is too addicted to television or smartphone so might become the victim of obesity and their memory power decreases day by day.

So, if you are a student and want to increase your memory power and concentration so you have to avoid watching television and using smartphones.

16. Avoid pain killers: If you are taking too many pain killers or any other medicine to get relief from each and every minor pain that you are facing so this may be very harmful to your health. Nowadays pain killer is very common among youngsters. They take painkillers as food items, not medicine.

Many surveys found that many youngsters take painkillers to get relief from each and every minor pain. But this is not good for their health if they are taking painkillers so this affects their memory power and there might be chances of your brain becoming dull.

So, we recommend that you should avoid painkillers as much as possible and only take them if you have actual pain.

17. Avoid Stress: If you are a student and you are taking too much stress on studies, courses, exams, etc. so this might be harmful to your health. So, you just do not have to take too much stress because if you continue taking too much stress so this will make it very difficult for you to learn and remember topics that you have to prepare for exams. We recommend you to study hard but not take too much stress as it decreases your memory power and concentration level.

18. Spend your free time with trees: Spending time in nature is very beneficial for our health. If you want to increase your memory power and concentration so you must have to spend your free time in the garden, park, or any other natural environment.

If you want to enjoy your holidays or vacations we recommend you to visit places where you can spend time with nature such as valleys, Himalayas, forests, etc. We all know that nature is almost green in color and green color gives relief to our mind and also provides relaxation to our eyes.

19. Always learn by reading loudly: Reading loudly while learning is a very good trick to learn quickly and remember it for long period. If you are facing a problem in learning any topic so we recommend you to read loudly while learning because this makes your brain read and listen to the topic. It is a kind of topper’s trick to learn and remind topics easily. If you are a student you must try it once.

20. Start visualizing concepts: Every student should try to visualize the things that they are learning. Now, most of the students don’t know the actual way to visualize concepts. We are telling you the exact way that you should follow to visualize concepts easily. If you visualize any concept so you will not forget it soon.

To visualize concepts you have to relate the topic to the topic that you had already learned. For example- If you want to learn any topic so you have to think about that topic and relate it to another topic that you have already learned. The thing will help you increase your thinking skills and also increases your memory power and concentration.

Some other tips that boost our Memory Power and Concentration

Here, we are mentioning some of the other tips that help you in increasing your memory power and concentration level. If you want to boost your concentration power and memory power so you have to follow all of the tips that are told to you in this article. So, read this article completely and very carefully.

Tips are given below:

  • We should relate the new thing that we are learning from the previous one that we had learned.
  • We should take a small nap during the day.
  • Do not study too much because this affects your mind.
  • Take a little break after work because this makes your mind remain fresh the whole day.
  • Drink water frequently in small amounts as it makes our mind remain fresh and we can focus on our studies well.
  • Make sure your mobile phone should be silent while studying as it might distract you from your studies.
  • Avoid Social media apps as they are too distractive for students.
  • Make a proper timetable for your daily work.
  • Try to play outdoor games more than indoor games because outdoor games are good for our physical as well as mental health.
  • Avoid overthinking about anything.
  • You should play mind sharping games such as chess.
  • Encourage your skills and questions.
  • We should use visual aids.
  • We should be motivated as most of the students are not able to study with full passion because they are demotivated from their failure.
  • Try to economize the power of your brain.
  • Avoid any kind of drug or smoking.
  • Take proper nutrition as well as a balanced diet.


Memory power and concentration of a student play a very crucial role in a student’s life because a student who has a high concentration and memory power can learn subjects and understand them easily as compared to another one who is not mentally strong. If you want to increase your memory power and concentration power so you must have to follow the tips and tricks we mentioned above. So, that is it for today’s article. We hope that this article might be very informative for you. So, you can share your opinion in the comment box given below.

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