How To Make Money Blogging Without Compromising Your Social Life

How To Make Money Blogging Without Compromising Your Social Life:

It is increasingly difficult to make money blogging and many bloggers work much harder to get more visitors to their blogs in order to earn more money. Well, personally my blog income has been reduced by over 50%. Last time around I could make around $ 150 a month from AdSense alone, but now it’s taken me 3-4 months to get paid. I was looking for ways to increase my blogging income, but all attempts and usage show no signs of improvement. Well I think I should make some other changes to make this blog more profitable. How are your AdSense earnings doing? I hope you’re okay.

How To Make Money Blogging Without Compromising Your Social Life

A few months ago I was blogging hard and writing blog posts almost every day. I focused most of my time on my blog and ended up having a bad social life. I am away from my friends’ activities and feel like I don’t know what is going on in their life.

So, I quit my crazy blogging approach and started putting my social life in order. Now I’m trying to find a balance between social life and blogging. As a human being, friends are part of our lives. So how do you blog without compromising your social life?

Tip 1: stop thinking about blogging

I’m not saying you know how to stop blogging at all, but try to stop blogging if you don’t have the time to do so. Don’t try to take all of your blogging time on your own and overlook everything else (like what I did). One thing to remember: if your fans love it, they keep coming back to your blog to read your articles. It’s not about the amount of daily blog posts that keep them coming.

Tip 2: start organizing your life

Life is not just about blogging and money. With money we need a social life and we need friends. So, try to get in touch with your friends and see what they are up to. Maybe you can join their activities to relax. If you worry about your blog when you’re having fun with your friends, what I can tell you is, it’s best to stop thinking about blogging when you’re having fun. You will get ideas for blogging after having had a lot of fun and you will be able to write more effectively.

Tip 3: Organize a rally through your blog

Well, I don’t have a rally on my blog but I will personally text or call my friends for some rally activities. Gathering can help you get closer to all of your friends and at the same time you can get a lot closer and learn what they are up to lately. You might have missed some of their activities, but thanks to the gathering you can find out what they are doing.

These are my 3 tips for making money blogging without affecting your social life. If you start to notice that your life is too out of balance, why not try to find your friends to stay and chat with your friends?

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