How to make money online in 2021

How to make money online in 2021:

So it’s been a long time since I published my last post and I bet many of you are looking for ways to make money in the New Year, there are so many opportunities online available but which ones really offer? To help you out, I’m going to list some of the top things people do on the net and the pros and cons of each. It’s important to point out that some jobs require you to have a skill (these are the ones that usually pay more) but if you’re ready to learn something new, the sky’s the limit!

Complete online surveys

Pros: can start right away, open to most people, no time / money investment required

Cons: Limited payments, shortage of surveys for certain demographics, sometimes you get paid in credit and not in cash

There are many sites that offer payment to complete online surveys, but I’ll recommend a few, Valued Opinions, MySurvey, and Justtheanswer. These three all have a good reputation for paying on time and providing plenty of surveys to fill out. Payment per survey will vary from 10p to £ 3.00 and the amount offered will depend on your profile i.e. job / gender / age / location so surveys can be hit or miss . I think the maximum you can realistically earn is around £ 200 a year, which doesn’t really get my pulse pounding but might appeal to some.

Content writing

Pros: Highly scalable – write more content and get more done, huge demand

Cons: You won’t gain much at first, which takes time

I’ve talked about it before on EarningMoneyOnline, but most people don’t know. One of the main building blocks of any website is content and with thousands of new sites being created every day there is a huge demand for blog posts / posts and general text on these sites. Some people might think “I’m not good at writing” but despite this there is a demand for all levels of content and if you are a native English speaker you will definitely have a job. Content is billed per word and the amount you earn will depend on your reputation and the quality you produce. For starters you will probably write for 1p per word and you can get up to 3-4p if you are good, if you can get the job you could easily make between £ 20-30 per day. To get jobs you have 2 options, go to an agency like TextBroker that will make you write jobs but take a discount or you can promote yourself on webmaster forums like DigitalPoint or Warrior forum to webmasters who need of content. Remember, if you build a reputation as a reliable writer, webmasters will come back for more and you won’t have to bid or look for work.

Web design / SEO / freelance programming

Pros: Earn much more money than taking surveys or writing articles, skills that will last for years

Disadvantages: a lot of competition, you have to have a real skill

I bet the title of this has already put some people off! It is important to realize that there are many levels of web design / programming / marketing and while all require you to have this skill (to some extent), this skill is often not difficult to acquire. Since many companies outsource these types of tasks, freelance sites like elance, freelancer, and fiver (all jobs cost $ 5 lol) have sprung up, allowing employers to post projects that freelancers then bid. Now the main problem is, do you have a skill that you can sell, and if not, what would it take to learn one? This is very hard to say because I don’t know your situation, but the best way would be to try one of these ‘dummies’ books, as I learned php in about a week with a (les bases). Also remember that the goal of this type of work is the same as in the last example, you want to build a reputation with clients so that they can eventually give you a regular job and you don’t have to bidding on unrelated sites (they can be a pain).

Niche Affiliate Marketing

Pros: Unlimited earnings, your own boss, work on projects that interest you, no tech knowledge required

Disadvantages: an investment in time and money

I kept the best until the end (in my opinion) and this is the one I have talked about the most on this blog. In short, affiliate marketing is the process of building small, niche websites that are used to attract traffic (website visitors). Because the website is focused on a specific topic, the traffic is valuable to the advertisers who will pay a commission on the sales we generate for them. Ok so the above statement may simplify things a bit as the main job is to get people to the site but the unique aspect of this system is that a successful website can make you money even when you sleep. If you are interested in this method, I will be releasing a new and improved ebook very soon that explains exactly how to build a website (without technical knowledge) and earn it fast.

Ok so these are 4 great ways for anyone to make money on the internet in 2021, there is something here for people of all skill levels, time and financial constraints. As with everything your results will depend on how much you are willing to integrate any system, there is a reason people who fill out surveys only get 50p at a time, anyone can. to do. Until next time…

PS. If you’re looking for motivation check out the video below by Anthony Robbins, she tells how Sylvester Stallone made the movie Rocky, Amazing Stuff.

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