How to promote your Website

This question – how to promote my website – appeals to more Internet marketers than anything else. Promoting or marketing a website is very different from marketing any other type of product.

The reason it is so hard for most people to understand is that search engine marketing has its own set of standard practices and processes. Those who learn and adhere to these practices do well in their search engine rankings. Those who try to turn the tide often find themselves with a lot of wasted time, money and effort.

how to promote your website

So what are these standard practices? If you’ve read other posts on this blog, you know that we are very adamant about a simple, repetitive, and proven SEO process that we follow when working with our clients. This process embodies the four pillars of SEO success which are keyword research, competitive analysis, content creation, and link building. You can visit this SEO process link to learn more about the details of each of these steps.
how to promote your website
how to promote your website


The point is, the SEO steps outlined above are really simple to perform and over time you will become very proficient at completing them the right way. But it really takes more than just taking the right steps, you have to have the right tools. For keyword research we prefer Market Samurai, and for running the rest of our business we prefer Veretekk. And this is where we want to spend some time in this article to explain how Veretekk can help you answer this question on “how to promote my website”.
Veretekk is a very powerful internet marketing tool that provides a plethora of various features needed to start and run an online business. Some call it the automated marketing system because once you set it up correctly, your daily use will create a swarm of activity throughout the system.
At the heart of Veretekk are over 40 traffic and SEO portals. By design, these portals create daily premium leads and provide an SEO platform to build huge amounts of backlinks. Swarming the portals together creates excellent “spider food” for search engine spiders and allows your website to get indexed faster and achieve higher search engine rankings.
The Veretekk Gold System includes: lead generation tools, RSS feed submission tools, ad submission tools, website tracking and analysis tools, and much more. There is even a platinum level system that allows you to connect multiple Gold systems together, which creates more SEO juice for the search engines. 
There are many options on the Internet on how to market and promote your website. Most are scams and not worth the money. The only sure way to be successful in the long term is to follow the rules of search engines and promote your business using an efficient and effective SEO process.
Veretekk is old by Internet software standards, it had been around for over 14 years when the Internet first started. Although software technology has changed, the fundamental approach of building an internet business around rock-solid SEO practices has not changed. And that’s what makes Veretekk the best way to promote your website.
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