How was a new constitution of South Africa formed

Q- How was a new constitution of South Africa formed?

Answer- The new constitution of South Africa was formed after the emergence of the new democratic South Africa, black leaders appealed to fellow blacks to forgive the whites for the atrocities they had committed while in power. The party that ruled through oppression and brutal killing and the party that led the freedom struggle sat together to draw up a common constitution. 

They thought of building a new South Africa based on equality of all races and men and women on democratic values, justice and human rights. After two years of discussion and debates, they came out with one of the finest constitutions that world had ever badly. Together, they decided that in search for a solution to the problems, nobody should be excluded; no one should be treated as a demon. They agreed that everyone should become part of the solution, whatever they might have done or represented in the past. The constitution gave its citizens the most extensive rights available in any country.

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