How was Germany defeated in World War One?

Q- How was Germany defeated in World War One?

Answer- Germany with France and Belgium attacked the allied power which consists of England, France, and Russia. In this war, Germany was getting victory but suddenly America entered the allied power which made Germany get Defeated in World War 1.

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History of World War One

In the First World War, there is a Central power in which Germany was included and on the other side, there is an allied power. In this Allied power three major countries, Russia, England, and Frace were fighting against the Central power.

This war started with a dispute and conflict between these nations with Germany. So, this conflict was arisen in the year 1914 and ended in the year 1918. This is enough big conflict that it took the phase of a World war.

In the beginning, everything is going fine for Germany. The German forces are attacking allied power from both east and west directions. The German empire is going to achieve victory over World War One. But suddenly America entered this war.

America joined the Allied power and this is the most game-changing part of this war because after the entrance of America with Allied power, the allied power became stronger and this leads to the defeat of the German Empire.

How did Germany get defeated in ww1?

In World War One Germany was winning the war but the entrance of America into the allied power which consisting France, England, and Russia made Germany get defeated in this war.

When did Germany get defeated in ww1?

Germany gets defeated in world war I on 11 November in the year 1918. This defeat is caused due to the entering of the United States of America into Allied power.

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