What is Roughage? From where animals obtain it

Q- What is Roughage? From where animals obtain it?

Answer- Roughage is one of the most essential components of animal feed. Roughage mainly contains fibrous material but is less nutritious as compared to concentrate. There are mainly two sources of roughage to be obtained by animals there are in form of fodder and dry grass.

Some examples of roughage are Straw of cereals, fodder, silage, etc.

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What is Roughages for animals?

Roughahes is a kind of component that is very essential in an animal’s diet. Roughahes include fibrous materials such as hays, pasture forages, silages, etc. These components are less nutritious as compared with concentrates.

What is roughage Class 6 short answer?

Roughage refers to the indigestiv=ble materials that help in aiding the passage of food and by-products through the guts. On the other hand, roughage refers to the components of animal feed that include fooder and dry grass.

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