How were prisoners treated in Guantanamo Bay write three main features of the prison

Q- How were the prisoners treated in Guantanamo Bay? Write three features of the prison?

Answer- The prisoners of the Guantanamo Bay were tortured a lot even they were tortured in such a way that it is illegal and against US law. The prisoners of Guantanamo Bay were being denied the treatment that even prisoners of war must get as per the international treaties. The prisoners were not released even they were officially declared ‘not guilty’. 

The three main features of the prison of Guantanamo Bay are as follows:

1. This place was not located in US but an area near Cuba, controlled by American Navy as nobody knew the located of the prison.

2. Families of Prisoners, media or even UN representatives were not allowed to meet the prisoners. 

3. There was trial before any magistrate and US law was completely violated.

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